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Easy Sale Real Estate Realtor® Meeting Thursday July 5th 11am

Realtor® marketing meeting for those who want to make more $ Money.
You will be shown how to best use your website or website page to attract customers to turn them into your clients.
Last Meeting we showed you how to get set up on some social medias.
We hope you did that because now we are going to help you get customers from it.

What Social Medias You Should Use and Why

What Day and Times Should You Be Posting on Social Media and on How Often?

How to Add a Picture that Links to Your Website on Social Media

How to add a picture with a link on social media to go to your website or your listing page or to your Easy Sale Real Estate Webpage. It's Easy. Just a couple of sentences so you wont have to know code or anything. We do the work for you its part of your lowest cost in town monthly Brokerage dues.

What to Say and NOT Say in Your Ads

How to Attract Customers to Act.
Not just the legal mumbo jumbo.

How to Best Use Docusign

How to Get Your Broker To Review Your Paperwork Prior to Sending off To Your Clients

Your Broker is only a Phone Call Away

Usually your Broker can speak riam to ght away or within an hour or so 830am - 730pm

Any Questions On Anything?


Next Meeting July 19th 11am

Get Your Profiles up and running on Real Estate to Consumer Blog sites.
How to make use of Trulia, Zillow, etc work and make them work for you FREE.

August 2nd Meeting - Youtube Marketing will be your friend

How to Get Now Business and Future Business

What's the difference of now and future marketing and How you can easily market to both.

The Customer is an Ass, Don't Make Them a Client

Life is way too short to deal with assholes. A Lawsuit may be on the rise if you keep on going.

Never purchase any advertising websites, etc without the express written permission of your broker.
We want to help you and save you money from companies or people who take advantage of Agents or small businesses.

We may also decline to approve the advertising.
By Law All Advertising Must Be Approved By Your Broker.

Easy Sale Real Estate Commission Instructions pdf form to get paid faster.
Must be signed by broker before submitting to escrow.

Easy Sale Real Estate revised Agent Broker Commission Split.

Easy Sale Real Estate Independent Contractor Employment Application

Easy Sale Real Estate Policy and Procedures Manual is located in the office.

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